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Friendship Force of the New Hampshire Seacost Celebrates Thirty Fifth Anniversary

posted Jul 11, 2019, 10:49 AM by FriendshipForce NHSeacoast

In a letter to our club, Jeremi Snook, President and CEO of Friendship Force International, states, "Every Journey that your club participates in gives your members and your community the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and make friends around the world. While we can count the number of Ambassadors and Hosts who actively engage in our mission each year, it is impossible to understand how many other lives have been impacted by your participation in the Friendship Force movement. A milestone anniversary gives you the opportunity to reflect and take record of all the moments you have each experienced with Friendship Force over the years. It also gives you a milestone moment in time to look around at the friendships that have been forged and, perhaps most importantly, how your perspective of the world has been impacted by these new relationships."