Morocco ED Greeting

Greetings ~
Lots of us excited about this Morocco exchange in October/November 2013. I certainly welcome inquiries. For those who would like to be placed on the email distribution list for updates, please email me at
As of this writing (December 2012) the dates and prices are not final. We are awaiting airfares to determine the most economical departure and return dates. We will update as dates are confirmed. We anticipate the program to be about $2,300/person and the airfare to be in the $1,200 - $1,500 range.
Just a word about this program as it is quite different from typical exchanges. As clubs in Morocco are in early stages of development, there is not yet an opportunity for club-hosted full exchanges. Thus we are working with Experience It! tours for much of the program and a Moroccan Friendship Force partner of theirs to arrange for homestays and contact with Friendship Force club members.
This program development has proven very successful for previous American Friendship Force clubs. A group from Oregon went in May 2012 and another from Ohio in October 2012. Both have shared rave reviews of all arrangements.
There will be four homestays, two in Rabat and two in Azrou. The other ten nights are in hotels, with the optional exception of a night in a desert tent. One caution about the homestays, however, is that Moroccan homes do not always have the amenities Americans take for granted. Showers may be lacking, toilets may be sqat style. Participants should come prepared with a rugged, adventuresome spirit.
Please do feel free to email me with questions or suggestions.
Best wishes,
Jim Verschueren
Exchange Director